Pizza for your new,
healthy lifestyle

Picture a pizza, pasta and sandwich maker who believes that nothing artificial should be added to our lives. That the best ingredients should be local, fresh, ultra-tasty and satisfying. It’s not an illusion, it’s Magic Oven.

Magic Oven sources almost everything from within a short distance. Ingredients are free of additives, sweeteners, colouring and preservatives. The pizza crust is made with organic unbleached flour or spelt, the meat is organic, the sauces are created with fresh packed, vine-ripened tomatoes, the cheeses are unprocessed and the mozzarella is organic and comes lactose-free.

Nutrition and health

Going vegan? Ask for the Daiya cheese. Gluten intolerant? Try one of our rice flour pizzas. Nut allergies? Relax, the pesto is dairy and nut free.

About us

We created Magic Oven in 1997 and everything about it speaks to our principles. Our six locations are found in reclaimed buildings. All of our packaging, menus and even the furniture are created from recycled goods.

Shop here with a clear conscience because we put a portion of our money back into the community – supporting local charities. It’s a reciprocal love. The community has voted Magic Oven’s pizzas the best in the city many times. Offering full service locations, dine-in, take out, delivery and catering options. We want eating healthy and delicious should always be this magical.

Do yoga.
Drink water.
Have dessert.

Tony and Abbey Sabherwal